There are many reasons why people choose to replace their Fossil watch bands. For one, there is always the tendency of getting the original straps damaged from constant use. Other owners simply modify their timepieces to suit their tastes. Perhaps the best explanation is to avoid the high cost of replacing the watch altogether—both the clock mechanism and straps—regardless of being broken.

I think that investing on cuff bands and straps is the best way to stay fashionable without going beyond the budget. As much as I wanted to own another piece of Fossil watch, I can only afford to give my five year-old vintage timepiece an updated look through replacement bands. I’ve got no complaints, though; they are great to have around whenever I feel like flaunting my Fossil watch. But the question is, should you replace them yourself or should you seek professional service?

Replacing Fossil Watch Bands: The Diy Route

I enjoy replacing the bands myself. It’s quite easy for me since I have a knack for DIY projects. The fact that I have also done my research really helped a lot in my first attempt to change the strap of my timepiece.

In case you have decided to go DIY, there are plenty of sources in the internet, which you can use as references. I suggest that you also watch tutorial videos so you can follow the process step by step. In some instances, you may need specific tools such as pin pusher and pliers. Most distributors of Fossil straps include two spring bars in the packages to make replacement less time-consuming.

Professional Servicing For Fossil Watch Bands

Fossil Watch BandsIf it is your first time to own a Fossil timepiece, it is understandable that you may be anxious about doing anything that will void the warranty of your watch. However, guarantees only apply to the main clockwork and that exclude the links and straps. You will have to pay for any service that will be made to your watch. This is alright as long as the person you have paid to perform the repair is a certified clockmaker. Besides, if you’re not feeling sure about changing the straps yourself, perhaps you’ll be better off with a professional service.


Authorized Fossil Watch Repair

Fossil also accept repair and servicing for genuine watches bought from their store. Be reminded though that they are not free of charge. Unless there had been damage due to workmanship, you’ll be required to pay a little fee for any service that is beyond the warranty terms. The main advantage here is that you can guarantee the durability of the repaired straps. Also, you get to maintain the 11-year warranty of the timepiece.

Which Way To Go?

Fossil Watch BandsBudget is a huge factor in deciding how you should replace your watch straps. If you have enough money to spare, I recommend taking your watch to a professional clockmaker for servicing. Your other option, which is the authorized repair, generally takes a month before you can have your timepiece back—not a good idea if you constantly depend on your wristwatch. Hence, I suggest that you learn how to change Fossil watch bands yourself so you can save a good deal of time and money.

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