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Karl lagerfeld + fossil watch
A watch from Lagerfeld’s upcoming collection at Fossil. | Photo Credit

Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld is teaming up with Fossil to create an unique collection of watches that will debut this February.

According to WWD, the collection will consist of seven watches, including the “Karl Zip” (pictured above) which can be widened or thinned by simply zipping and unzipping the cuff. WWD also reported that the rest of the timepieces will incorporate elements like pyramid studs, metallic leather and chains. And — in a true Lagerfeld fashion — each watch will be emblazoned with a tiny image of the designer’s recognizable profile.

The collection will launch exclusively at Fossil stores starting on February 28th. Prices will range from $150 to $595. Continue reading

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The Pebble, at left, and Nike FuelBand,, can connect to a smartphone and share information.

Cellphones have already muscled onto watches’ turf as a time-telling tool. Now, some of the biggest technology companies are eyeing your wrist, too.

Companies like Apple, Nike and Sony, along with dozens of start-ups, hope to strap a device on your wrist.

It is quite a disruption for the wristwatch, which has not actually been around all that long. Though said to have been invented in 1868 by the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, it didn’t really catch on until after World War I. Before that, people carried watches in their pockets or on chains. Continue reading

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It is said “When it comes to modern watches, the more complicated and the more technically innovative, the better.” Even though it doesn’t agreed by everyone, but we have to admit that, these days, we don’t just look to watches to tell time, we look to them to make a statement. We look for ingenuity and uniqueness. In this post, we will present you with 10 Cutting-edge and High-tech Wrist Watches. Take a look at our list and then let us know what you think.

1. HD3 Slyde [link]

Designed by Jorg Hysek Jr, son of famed French watchmaker Jorg Hysek, the stylish HD3 Slyde has an LED screen with a sapphire crystal cover that curves to conform to your wrist. With no physical buttons, the watch has just three battery indicator lights on the side and a light sensor to automatically adapt the brightness of the screen. Everything is controlled by taps or slides on the touchscreen. Sleek and sexy. Price TBD. Continue reading

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Tungsten World is adding Geneve fine timepieces by Belair Time Corp. to continue their goal in being a one-stop wedding source. The exclusive line of Geneve womens & mens watches will be available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Based in New Jersey, Belair Time Corp has been producing elegant, Swiss-inspired timepieces made in America for over 65 years. Adding to their wedding and groomsmen gifts collection of tungsten cufflinks, bracelets and tungsten pendants, is offering over 10 new styles of Belair’s Geneve brand watches for men and women. Every Geneve timepiece features genuine sapphire crystals, are 100% waterproof tested to various depths and are made with the precision of fine Swiss parts assembled in America. In addition, every watch offered by Tungsten World will be covered by a three-year limited warranty from the day of purchase and registration of the watch with Belair.

Geneve Watches for Men and Women

“Belair has been around for so long and it’s because they make a quality product right here in the US,” says Brett T., Tungsten World’s COO. “We’re excited to carry their Geneve brand of watches and add to our collection of bridal party and groomsmen gifts.” Continue reading

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Back in July the MetaWatch landed on Kickstarter and successfully funded its way out of being just a concept and into production. As the MetaWatch edges ever closer to shipping the first wrist watches to backers, the company behind its development have released a new video this week.

Which demonstrates how the MetaWatch’s onboard applications can easily and instantly be updated using the companion application for iOS and Android. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action. Continue reading

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It’s a wonder that luxury watch brands tend to focus mainly on the men’s market, when time is of the essence to everyone — gender aside. While there’s a seemingly endless database of luxury timepieces for men to choose from, the options are not as wide for women. That said, if you’re on the hunt for a high-end women’s watch for either yourself or a special lady friend, there are only a few labels you should look towards to get the same quality that is found in those men’s pieces that look like they should be behind glass at a museum at all times. I searched high and low for those timepieces, and found the best of the best women’s luxury watches over $10,000.

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The Fossil Grant collection pays homage to the brand’s vintage core with an uncompromising devotion to authenticity. Drawing inspiration from the 1920’s and 1930’s with elegant silhouettes and thoughtful case designs, this line of watch designs is their most classic collection yet! Roman numeral markers and subtle dial details allude to the past, while the watches’ more modern settings and materials keep this collection firmly rooted in the present.

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Trends come and go but what one trend that is hear to stay for decades is white gold and what better way is there to utilize this trend than on watches. Watches used to be functional but this time its all about fashion, and women are taking advantage. White gold in women’s watches is such a huge trend as proven by the style experts choice of the Vancheron Constantin watch as the number one watch to look out for. This watch is a diamond bezel with 18 karat white gold which goes for about $38,100 to $43, 800. It is a priceless, timeless, and a classic watch that from where am standing should grace the wrists of every fashionable woman.Christian Dior watches for women

White gold is the best accessory for a woman it gives a mix vulnerability and strength at the same time and that is simply classical. Mix that with some diamonds and you get Dior Christal limited- edition watch. Another master piece by the great Christian Dior and this is definitely an extravagant piece. It goes for relatively around $59000 making it a trend, a statement and classy. Its elegant craftsmanship and style makes it a red carpet plus for all. This watch is timeless… Continue reading

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Fossil, Inc. has been a trend setter as watch designers and other accessories for both men and women. For every season the company launches many appealing style watches that are specified for different age groups. The company has now announced latest styles for watches as fall collection for men and women.

Fossil's concept watches

For women the categories in which the styles are offered include rose watches, steel watches with stainless steel body, gold tone watches that has a very decent gold colored body and comfortable to put on your arm. There are also leather strap watches with a soft original leather strap with different shades of brown from light to dark colored leather. There are also black and white watches, Ceramic watches, and Natural watches. The most preferred type is the Interchangeable watches. These watches have interchangeable straps of different colors. These straps can be purchased separately. Fossil, Inc has a wide variety of teenage watches as well. They are attractive and trendy to be used by the teenage lot. Continue reading

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Everybody has a varying impression of what high end entails when it comes to items such as wrist watches. I have an acquaintance who feels anything over $150 is too extravagant. But then there are other males who are convinced anything in excess of $1,000 is pricey. That’s why I have come up with a few of my top notch picks in wrist watches in alternative price ranges.

Since the release of its first E-ink watch in 2007, Art Technology’s Phosphor brand has steadily added a number of wristwatches boasting E-ink display technology like that used in eReaders, such as Amazon’s Kindle. For the latest addition to its range, however, Phosphor has eschewed the E-ink display in favor of an “always on” LCD display with capacitance touchscreen technology that allows access to the watches’ various functions with a swipe or a tap. Continue reading

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