Keeping up with the time has never been so exciting with Fossil watch bands. Through a union of innovation and craftsmanship, these straps have earned the adoration of many timepiece aficionados. Everyone nowadays view them as stand-alone accessories due to their impressive jewelry quality. Indeed, a timepiece is nothing but a simple mechanism without the glamour and style of the watchbands.

Since my one and only Fossil watch won’t show any signs of defects (blame it on the case’s heavy-duty construction), I thought it more practical to just purchase straps for updating its style. I have taken an interest in collecting them that I have actually made a list of my all-time favorite cuff bands and swatches.


Skinny Fossil Watch Bands

I have two versions of this skinny leather ladies’ strap: one is in black and the other in metallic silver. They nearly have the same dimensions, which is great because I don’t need to make any adjustments whenever I wanted to switch colors. “Skinny” probably got its name from its slender, mini cuff band design that is different from the ones we used to have. Especially made for women, these straps exude a feminine appeal through its bracelet-slim construction.

I also found out that my skinny watch bands have unique details embedded on each model. Whereas the metallic silver variant has padding, the black leather is flat yet sleek. The stitching on both straps is not the same as well. The silver strap maintains the same color as its treated leather, while the black strap has a white colored thread running along the edges.


Link-Style Fossil Watch Bands In Silicone

Fossil Watch BandsOne of the most innovative designs that I have seen so far is this metal link style molded on a piece of silicone strap. The bands really resemble an ultra thick link pattern that is usually found in many steel timepieces. I only use my metal link band during formal affairs so this textured silicone design is a nice alternative. Whenever I feel like sporting an elegant style, I switch to these flexible watchstraps and instantly my timepiece gets updated. You can wear them every day without feeling guilty for accidentally rubbing the link against rough surfaces.


20mm Unisex Cuff Band

If you own a sports style watch, here is the best match for you. I have bought this wide cuff band just to make a statement and I was not disappointed with the result. It can hold up almost any kind of Fossil watch, particularly the ones that have large cases. Like its ancestor, this contemporary cuff band incorporates the snap enclosure for securing the timepiece in place. It looks huge for a woman’s wrist, although it doesn’t look like so under specific cases. Sports watches are ideal for this type of straps.


Distressed Leather Cuff Band

Fossil Watch BandsI love the old-time feel of this treated leather variety. It looks really good on my vintage-inspired watch. Still, you can also use it for placing other timepiece models that have the similar dimensions.  Simply snap your watch into place and you’re good to go for an adventure of your own. Fossil watch bands like this suggest the timeless appeal of old-fashioned leather. Discover GPS - Nothing is Beyond You!

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