Fossil watch bands have really become style pieces of their own rights. They no longer simply refer to the straps that go around the wrist; they have practically redefined the way a personal watch can be worn. I have this great unisex Fossil timepiece that goes with a lovely leather band and I can say that this accessory would be just like any other watches I’ve worn if not for the unique appeal of its strap.  Indeed, watch bands have evolved from being necessary components of a wristwatch into becoming the next best fashion articles since bracelets.


Replacing Fossil Watch Bands

The workmanship of Fossil timepieces has remained unrivaled for many years, and as an owner of a single Fossil watch for about five years, I can attest to the brand’s dedication to quality. Still, being the fashionista that I am, I have this penchant for changing the leather straps on a whim. Having different sets of watch bands is the closest that I can get to having a spanking new Fossil timepiece.

If you are like me who values practicality more than anything else, perhaps you have also considered replacing your old cuff bands with authentic Fossil straps. But aside from personal taste, there are two other reasons why most people would change their watch bands:

  • Fit Adjustment – Every watchband comes in different sizes and dimensions. Although most Fossil timepieces have perfect fit, there are several occasions where adjustments are necessary for continued use. This is especially true for those who have lost and gained some weight.
  • Damaged Straps – Because the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover the straps, you have a choice between buying a new Fossil watch and replacing the bands. Of course, if there are no major issues with the timepiece, you should change the straps instead. This will save you a couple of dollars in turn.


Fossil Watch Bands As Statement Pieces

Fossil Watch BandsMost straps and bands are made to match a timepiece’s design and dimensions. Still, it takes a discerning eye to make these timepieces look more personalized. As I have stated earlier, I turn to replacement watch straps for keeping up with the latest trends. Through these aftermarket items, you may also give your Fossil watch a face-lift based on your style preferences without doing any major modifications on the timepiece.



Where To Find Authentic Straps

Your local Fossil outlet and the manufacturer’s website are still the best places from which to buy original straps for your watches. Otherwise, you may check out several accredited distributors of branded watch bands on the internet. Some of these websites also specialize in repairs. You may opt to have your straps replaced through a professional service.


Must-Have Straps For Your Fossil Watch

Fossil Watch BandsSince I have been collecting Fossil straps for quite some time now, I recommend a few personal picks for your own watch. If you have a timepiece that has a unisex design just like mine, you may use either textured leather or silicone straps for that sporty style that never go out of trend. Want a link strap but can’t afford to have one? Your best bet is to go for silicone-based Fossil watch bands that somewhat resemble a metal link bracelet. Discover GPS - Nothing is Beyond You!

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