Since many Fossil watch bands are interchangeable, it became a habit for most wristwatch owners to switch to different swatches on a regular basis. It’s not that they get worn out too often—I don’t remember a similar thing happening to my original watch straps—but this one is simply for the sake of style. It is actually more like dressing up the timepiece according to occasion and personal preferences. Within a short period of time, these watch bands have also become an extension of one’s own fashion sense.

Fossil’s line of replacement watch bands has included both the classic and contemporary elements that are prominent among high-end Swiss timepieces. With excellent craftsmanship and unexpected twists in design concepts, it is impossible to be satisfied with only one pair of straps.


Fossil Watch Bands In Genuine Leather

Who can resist the classic appeal of leather? Since the very beginning, it has been leather that is most popular among wristwatch aficionados. It comes in a variety of color, texture and make. Through stitching and chemical treatment, it produces exquisite watch straps that can stand against harmful elements such as water and direct heat.

I once bought a Fossil cuff band made from this material and I am pleased at how well it matched my retro-inspired timepiece. However, this doesn’t mean that leather is only great with vintage-looking watches. In fact, through modern processing methods, it is transformed into cool designs that are inspired by the latest trends in fashion. My personal favorite is this textured Fossil leather strap that has been stuffed with medium padding for an extra comfortable wear. Other contemporary designs include the distressed and glossed leather bands.


The Elegance Of Metal Fossil Watch Bands

Fossil Watch BandsFossil watches that are manufactured from stainless steel can easily become objects of envy. It is doubly so if the watch bands are made of metal links. Due to its sleek and modern appeal, metal is highly favored by many fans of Swiss watches. Bands that are made from this material are great to have for formal occasions where sparkly accessories usually take center stage. It is easy to get noticed in these sparkly watch straps. In most cases, they are the only jewelries that will complete your outfit.


Silicone, The New Rubber Straps

Loving the outdoors? Choose silicone bands! Unlike leather and metal, these synthetic rubber straps are specifically designed for people with active lifestyle. This means that whatever game you’re in, you can be sure that your watch can keep pace with your routine. Silicone straps are ideal for daily use since they are both heavy-duty and water-resistant. Another reason why I like this material is because of its extensive color palette, which adds a personality to the otherwise drab timepieces.


Cuff Bands Or Straps?

Fossil Watch BandsThe terms “cuff band” and “strap” are used interchangeably to refer to the two common types of watch bands. Although they are both used for securing the timepiece around the wrist, they each have their own distinctive designs. Cuff bands are typically associated with war period watches due to their old-time charm. On the other hand, straps are used to suggest the contemporary Fossil watch bands that are slimmer than cuff bands. Discover GPS - Nothing is Beyond You!

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