¬†Things You’ll Need

  • Fossil watch
  • Thumb tack or small pin
  • Mini hammer
  • Pliers
  • Needle nose pliers

The Best Way to Eliminate Links From a Fossil Watch

Fossil watches are great to put on, but these watches can seem difficult to adjust in cases of fat burning or gain. However, it is rather simple to repair a Fossil wristband.

  • Remove your fossil watch and wipe the area with a clean, dry fabric. This will eliminate loose particles that can scratch the face and area.
  • Grip the band and turn the Fossil watch till you have a good view of the links. In that same position, lesser the watch to a strong table to hold your hand steady.
  • Use a small pointed tool such as a sharp screwdriver, thumb tack or pin and insert it into the side of the link you will be eliminating.
  • Take the mini hammer or comparable device to delicately tap the side of the pin. Do not force the link. Open the band by tapping continuously in one stable movement.
  • When the link slides out the opposite, get a pair of pliers and pull the link all the way out of the band.
  • Put the Fossil watch around your wrist to double check the size that you will need. If the watch is still too large for your arm, keep removing links until it fits correctly.

Suggestion & Warnings

  • Constantly remove one link from each side of the Fossil watch to keep the band even.
  • Have every one of the tools nearby so that you could finish this job in one sitting.
  • Save the links in a safe place to change the links when required.
  • Never ever require the link from the band, make use of gentle motions.
  • If the links of your Fossil watch will not move out, it is much better to take the watch to a jeweler, to prevent damage to the band.

The Best Way to Get the Back Off of a Fossil Watch

Getting the back off of a Fossil watch is easy. You just need the right devices. And no, you don’t should buy an unique jeweler’s tool or anything like that. You can get rid of the back of a Fossil watch utilizing usual tools you most likely currently have at house.

  • Turn your watch over and look for two notches on the back of the watch. These are for gripping the back for removal.
  • Making use of needle nose pliers, gently grip the back of the the Fossil watch in the notched areas.
  • Turn the back clockwise, keeping the pliers in the notches.
  • If you cannot get the back off your Fossil watch with pliers, want a flat head screwdriver rather. Slide the flat head of the screwdriver into one of the notches and push it clockwise.
  • Ensure you proceed gradually when wanting to obtain the back off a Fossil watch. If the pliers or screwdriver slip out of the notches, you can scrape the back.

Ways to Snap the Back Onto a Fossil Watch

Changing the back of your Fossil watch is a snap.

Fossil has been a leading producer of fashionable-yet-affordable watches because the 1980s. Fossil watch cases are pressure-sealed to make them waterproof. This frequently useful attribute can provide a challenge when it comes time to replace your watch battery. Getting rid of the watch back with a watch case opening tool is only half the struggle. Thankfully, changing the back of your Fossil watch is a great deal simpler than getting it open.

  • Hold the Fossil watch face down in the palm of your hand.
  • Line up the notches on the back of the watch with the indentations on the watch’s inside rim.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the center of the Fossil watch back to snap it into location. If the back of the watch does not instantly snap into location, gradually apply more pressure till it does.
  • When you were dismantling your Fossil watch, you may have removed a round plastic or rubber disk that was covering your watch’s battery. This little disk helps keep your watch water-resistant, so make sure to replace it before snapping the back onto your Fossil watch.
  • Be careful not to harm your watch’s inner workings when changing the back cover.
  • Opening the case of your Fossil watch to perform a do-it-yourself repair might void the warranty.
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