Glashutte Original Unveils new German-made Women’s Pavonina Line

Glashutte Original's newest Pavonina Collection

Glashutte Original’s newest Pavonina Collection

A few nights ago, at the famed Waterfall Mansion on New York’s Upper East Side,Glashutte Original paid tribute to women with the launch of its new Pavonina collection of timepieces.  Created just for women by this esteemed German watchmaker, the Pavonina timepieces feature cushion-shaped cases that recall the 1920s.

“It is a shame we didn’t do this sooner, women love timepieces made just for them and it opens so many doors for the brand and our retail partners,” says Dieter Pachner, vice president of sales for Glashutte Original.  While the party was held last week, the watches won’t make their official launch until July- when they will be found in stores. “We went back to the 1920’s in the creation of this watch, we were strongly inspired by the women of the era and by this cushion shape, which arose again in the 1960’s and 70’s; it is very glamorous.”

To celebrate the night, Glashutte recalled the strong, smart, beguiling women of the roaring 20’s who broke the molds. The brand recreated a speakeasy lounge setting (with a whiskey bar) and brought in an amazing swing band. On display throughout two of the three floors of the mansion were images of famous women and their accomplishments in life.

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Kate Spade: Watches

Last month I showed you Kate Spade’s new collection, Saturday. (see here) Today, it’s all about watches! I was originally going to use one in my Fancy Friday round up, but once I saw the collection, I knew it deserved a post of it’s own. I love how simple & girly they are. I’d gladly accept them all! You can see the full collection here. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below :)

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Tips on Buying Women Watches

Trendy women watches are not just a piece of equipment to tell time, but they are actually a style accessory and sometimes a functional piece of jewelry as well. Watches have fascinated women since a long time and designers have created masterpieces keeping in mind the ongoing trend of the market. Watches are equipments that never go out of fashion. Earlier watches were designed only for men but as the trend picked up and the liking for these pieces grew, designers started creating a special line of watches specifically for women.

There have been watches that are edgy, have a skeleton look or the ones that are transparent with the working of the machinery visible. Then there are watches that have crystals embellished on them. There are watches that have trendy and sporty colors, bands and other stylish adornments. Whatever the style it is important to take care of a few things to buy the best piece. Here is a brief overview of these important things:


Women watches mostly are trendy and used as an accessory to enhance one’s style quotient. However, one must still check the usage of the watch to buy the best one. Is the watch only for outdoor use or would it be worn even for work? One has to keep the use of the watch in mind when buying one as the work wear watch must definitely differ from the formal watch.


The composition of the watch signifies its make and material used. There are metallic watches with bracelets, metallic watches with leather straps, rubber strapped watches, ceramic watches, mixed composition watches and others. The choice of a watch is personal and one might have more than one type of watch to match with different outfits or for different seasons.


Trendy, women watches are mostly available with adjustable bands which make it easier to get the proper fit. Some watches have bracelets or links that can be altered to give a good fit. Therefore when purchasing a watch, one must check out whether the band is adjustable or not and if it is the bracelet type, one must get it altered properly.

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