Back in July the MetaWatch landed on Kickstarter and successfully funded its way out of being just a concept and into production. As the MetaWatch edges ever closer to shipping the first wrist watches to backers, the company behind its development have released a new video this week.

Which demonstrates how the MetaWatch’s onboard applications can easily and instantly be updated using the companion application for iOS and Android. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


The iOS application let you simply tap to add, remove and customize, drag and dropping widget into their required location in real-time, using the MetaWatch Manager application for iOS6 or Android.

“Choose weather and agenda in the morning, stocks during the day, and monitor your phone’s battery at night. Widgets will be available in quarter, half, and full screen sizes. Coming soon, our Widget SDK will allow you to add glance-able information from other apps to your watch.”

…More at MetaWatch Demos Its Customisable Widgets Via A Smartphone App

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