Karl lagerfeld + fossil watch
A watch from Lagerfeld’s upcoming collection at Fossil. | Photo Credit

Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld is teaming up with Fossil to create an unique collection of watches that will debut this February.

According to WWD, the collection will consist of seven watches, including the “Karl Zip” (pictured above) which can be widened or thinned by simply zipping and unzipping the cuff. WWD also reported that the rest of the timepieces will incorporate elements like pyramid studs, metallic leather and chains. And — in a true Lagerfeld fashion — each watch will be emblazoned with a tiny image of the designer’s recognizable profile.

The collection will launch exclusively at Fossil stores starting on February 28th. Prices will range from $150 to $595.

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We just can’t get enough of the Georgia collection. The oversized face and slim strap strike the perfect balance between form and function.

The same is true of our vintage inspiration. Wrist compasses were originally created for hikers, but became an invaluable tool for both infantry and paratroopers during World War II. Constantly on the move, these forces could not safely stop and take out a traditional pocket compass. By wearing compasses on their wrists, soldiers could instantly get their bearings. The large hands and bold markings also made it easy to read.

This vintage hiking compass shares many design elements with Georgia.

Our designers have reimagined this utilitarian piece as a modern and quintessentially feminine watch. Georgia’s slim band is similar to the wrist compass, but our leather strap features a backing pad for added comfort. The bold hands and indices make Georgia just as easy to read for the woman on the go as the wrist compass was for the soldier in the field….

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