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All of the work that Georges Piaget put in to his work did not go unnoticed by also the most distinguished of watch making labels at the time. During these starting years, Georges Piaget concentrated all of his powers on developing motions.

Piaget would certainly go on to change and progress into among the most efficient and elegant watch producers on the marketplace today.

While Georges Piaget’s sons started to concentrate on creating watches around 1900, it was not till the 1940’s that Piaget’s trademark was included to the creations. Later on, at the end of this many years, Georges Piaget’s grandsons established up the business, Piaget S.A. Three years later, the work of the quality 9P was overshadowed by the piece that Valentin Piaget developed, which finished up being the flattest automatic motion in the globe at the time.

At this time, and with the marketing of those people, Piaget came to be renowned around the world. In 1988, the Vendôme team took care of to get sixty percent of the resources of Piaget shares and within five years the business was entirely possessed by the Vendôme team. The future looks even a lot more appealing than the past times for Piaget, as the company is one of the couple of staying Swiss watch making producers.

During the last many years Piaget has invested highly in the development of in-house motion proficiency. All mechanical watches of Piaget are steered by in-house manufactory motions.

An important role in the existing men’s collection play, together with the renowned Polo series, the design varies Altiplano and Emperador. Altiplano means the ultra-thin manual winding designs in round housings and with elegantly easy dial, Emperador for unusual forms (square or rectangular) and glamorous look. In 2008 the brand name proudly provides the initial continuous calendar with among the manufactory developed and made difficulty movements with dual time-zone for the Emperador Coussin.

Other watch labels include: Black Tie, Dancer, Upstream, Tradition, Limelight, Miss Protocole, and Possession. The style Upstream with the self-winding quality 504P created a stir with its folding clasp integrated into the case and the impressive style evocative modern architecture.

Quality systematics

A note on the quality designations: “4” stands for hand-wound, “5” for automated. 400P is a hand-operated winding motion with date and 2nd, 500P is the corresponding self-winding movement. 410P and 510P have main seconds without date, 420P has day without main secs, 430P/530P lack day and seconds. The 430P could change the no longer constructed 9P, given that it is gabarised for it.

In 2002 the tourbillon calibre 600P exists. With the elevation of only 3.5 mm it is the slimmest in the world.

In 2006 Piaget presents a new generation of self-winding motions, the caliber set 800P, which is equipped with double barrel and, for that reason, has a higher power reserve of 72 hrs. The acronym 830P mean the hand-wound and the 800P for the self-winding caliber. The variant 850P supplies a dual time-zone and little seconds, while the 880P marks the brand-new timepiece quality.

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