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Smart Watches Rise In Demand

Watches today have got a new term contributed to them-SMART. The evolution of smart watches altered the purpose of using watches significantly; the existing users of these watches get everything updated just by clicking the screen on their wrist. Gone are days when watches were mere time showing devices; they are today highly updated technology gadgets which are anticipated to have a mammoth growth in sales from being the here and now small sector. The sales of these smart watches are anticipated to cross a whopping 350 % by the end of this year and if the specialists are to be trusted, this is simply the start.

The smart watch industry recorded a shipment of 20,000 wearable top quality gadgets by the very first half of 2013. These gadgets are getting more popular amongst its users as the count of tech geeks making use of these wearable gadgets is enhancing around the world.

Fitness monitoring is the leading application utilized in these smart watch devices and though the number of users today is relatively low; it is sure to jump as wellness awareness and healthcare section is establishing quick therefore making the utilization of such advanced technology for constant monitoring required. According to the market research study, specialists from the segment indicate that the current year 2014 will certainly be the game changer for these smart brand names and put their demands to extraordinary rates for the years to come.

As mentioned previously, physical fitness is the major focused segment for this smart watch market as personal self-health monitoring was very first made a reality in early 2013. The smart wearable maker is followed by Jawbone UP which holds a 21 % market share and Nike’s Fuel-band variety of gadgets with a share of 13 %.

As per the delivery records of these hi-tech gadgets; Samsung rules the market with its Galaxy Gear product that held a share of 54 % by the 2nd half of 2013. The maker pushed this item with a nickname “Smart Band” which as anticipated became a craze amongst its users. The list is followed by Sony with a 19 % share and Pebble which published 16 % sales for the year 2013. Other companies together displayed a noteworthy performance with an 11 % sale.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Priced at a substantial $299, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has a variety of functions which would absolutely draw in both Android user and non users alike. Packed with a 1.6 inches image audience which can produce resolutions 320 x 320 pixels, this smart watch has a number of things to provide to the users. The watch displays brilliant colors and high contrast. With integrated microphone and speakers, the users would be able to talk directly with the help of the watch. Armed with a 1.9 Megapixel video camera and 720p HD video recorder would be essential for the photography lover.

With integrated 4GB memory storage area, this watch can quickly run small regional apps which are essential for the moment. With inbuilt Intelligent Personal Assistance such as S Voice, the user can easily give voice commands on the go. This contraption would absolutely give mobile application developers the opportunity to construct even more apps specifically accommodating the watch.

One of the most significant drawbacks of the smart watch is that it’s pairing can only be done with Galaxy Note 3, which is a brand-new participant to the Samsung Galaxy Family.

Sony Smart Watch 2

smart-watches-are-inAs a smart watch, the Sony’s Smart Watch 2 is far more economical than the Samsung’s counterpart. With the 1.63 inch audience, the Sony smart watch includes a resolution of 220X176 pixels. The LCD screen of the watch prevents user’s view to be rinsed in the daylight.

With the very first version of the Sony Smart Watch been a failure, but this time Sony has actually packed the phone with numerous goodies. Touch screen UI, moving widgets for seeing weather, Facebook, Twitter in addition to Phone alerts are all rolled into one. This watch works with other Android handsets. However one of the most significant downsides of Sony Smart watch is that it does not have the microphone and speaker compatibility. In this case users have to take out the phone to use it.

Sony has integrated the NFC technology with the smart watch. With NFC or the Near Field Technology, you would have the ability to discover your phone in a jiffy if you misplace it.

Among the greatest advantages of this watch is that it is dust or water-resistant just like Sony’s flagship mobile phone Xperia Z.

iWatch Or the Apple’s Smart Watch

Apple’s version of the smart watch is still in the report stage. One thing is particular that the watch would be running on iOS7 or a greater variation of Apple OS.

As it is still in its pre-natal stage, it is much to be gotten out of Apple innovations. Hypothetically speaking, Apple would be incorporating several of its flagship items into the watch. Till now nothing has actually been disclosed.


Including a 1.26 inch e-paper display, Pebble is considered as one of the greatest competitors versus the cell phone giants such as Sony, Samsung and probably, Apple. The Pebble is a plan which comprises email and message alerts, SMS and incoming calls, calendar tips, Facebook, Whatsapp as well as Google Voice to name a few. One of the biggest benefits of this smart device is that, it can get acclimatized with both Android and Apple.

Users have the prerogative of setting up third-party Android or iOS applications into their pebbles. With a built pedometer this is certainly a must-have for physical fitness enthusiasts.

With a lot of smart watches on the function, the conventional watchmakers are likewise taking a plunge into this changing trend. They are overcoming the marketing myopia inculcated by standard watch-making and taking the bandwagon along with the modern-day watch makers. So when it comes to couple of last words before finishing-only time will tell the tale.

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These timepieces have constantly captivated us, but now there is a new and enjoyable gadget on the marketplace. It is called the “Renew Sleep Clock” and can monitor your rest. It can inform you your sleep patterns and whether you are getting enough rest. The minor clock by your bedside that ticks away gladly and sends you to sleep with its white noise has been replaced by high technology.

Technology has actually now counted on the smart phone sector. You can now receive a variety of text, tweets, caller Ids, weather condition and news feeds. They are communicated from your mobile phone. This technology is for the busy person who does not have the time to take out their phone and check for messages etc. The mobile phone needs to be around 30 feet in proximity to the timepiece.

An example of this will be if you are grocery buying and have your hands filled with grocery bags you can easily glance at your watch when it alerts you about a message or that somebody is calling you. When you are working out and do not have the time to take out your mobile phone, an additional circumstances is. You can still get an alert and can then choose if it is urgent or can wait. Continue reading

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Back in July the MetaWatch landed on Kickstarter and successfully funded its way out of being just a concept and into production. As the MetaWatch edges ever closer to shipping the first wrist watches to backers, the company behind its development have released a new video this week.

Which demonstrates how the MetaWatch’s onboard applications can easily and instantly be updated using the companion application for iOS and Android. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action. Continue reading

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