Although Fossil wristwatches are trendy, long lasting and solid, they do lose battery power over a period of time. The unique pressurized assembly of a Fossil wristwatch keeps out water and dust but also makes them hard to open and change the batteries.

The cover on the rear OF ROUND FOSSIL WATCHES is typically threaded. Threaded covers have a series of square notches cut into the outside boundary of the round back case. Usage some device (small needle nose?, I made use of a set of measuring calipers) to insert in 2 of the opposite notches on the cover. Spin it off counter clockwise VERY FIRMLY. Then very carefully pull up the plastic retainer. Push the metal tab (over the one side of the battery) off of the battery and the battery will certainly appear. Reverse to reinstall. (Some batteries are not held down my a movable tab, however a tab that can not be relocated. At some top part of the battery along the outer boundary will certainly be an extremely small metal tab of component the watch over top of the battery. Do NOT pry the battery up there or you will certainly bend the tab. Pry the battery up from the opposite end utilizing a small screwdriver, and place the brand-new battery by sliding one side under this tab and pushing the battery down into place.)

Identify if you want to change the battery in your Fossil watch yourself. Fossil watches hold an 11-year guarantee. Changing the battery yourself could void that guarantee. Fossil offers battery replacement for $ 17, including the battery. (If you wish Fossil to change your battery, see the link in Resources.)

For SQUARE or other uncommon back covers, they can be pried off. Look thoroughly at the outside edges of the back cover for a spot they put to insert a flat jewelry expert’s screwdriver and tear up firmly.

Wear laminated safety glass and gloves to protect your hands. Pliers and screwdrivers could conveniently slip off and into your hand or eye.

All I understand is that you have to have a special tool, as the fossil watches are pressure secured to shut out fragments and wetness. That’s why it costs so much in the stores to get an easy battery replaced.

To remove the back cover I put a long nose plier across an opposite pair of notches on the back cover and unscrewed it carefully without letting the plier pop out of the grooves. Looking at the exposed watch, there is a nylon like cover that mostly covers the battery. There are open slots on the sides of this cover and it can be gotten rid of conveniently with a really small screwdriver by placing it in a slot and spying it out. Now, looking at the battery, (Different Fossil watches take different sized batteries. Remove your battery prior to buying a new one, or get the style number of the watch off the back and contact Fossil. Also, given that you need to purchase a battery anyway, Wal Mart or various other jewelers could replace the battery for you given that you’re currently there. It is held in location by a short partial ring on one side and by a long flat spring like gadget on the other side. The spring is pushed into a pin which keeps it from relocating far from the battery. To release the spring, put the screwdriver in the center of the spring, about half means to the battery and lift up. The spring will certainly come out of the securing pin and the battery will be cost-free to eliminate. After replacing the battery, hold the center of the spring up in the center and push the far end down under the locking pin, then release the center. (Note, most Fossil watches have battery owners where you simply pry the battery up without any sort of pins or springs. At some top part of the battery along the outer perimeter will certainly be a very small metal tab of the watch over top of the battery. Do NOT tear the battery up there or you will flex the tab. Pry the battery up from the contrary end using a small screwdriver.)

I tried the needle nose pliers technique w / no success. (Some needle nosed pliers are too fat at the tip, and require grinding down. Or, purchase or use a tool from Wal Mart as you should get a brand-new battery anyhow!) I ended up scratching the plate a bit. Then i took a flat head screwdriver and pushed on one of the notches to make it turn counterclockwise. This had a much better grip. Don’t try the little watch/jeweler screw driver, they are too small to hold on well. Inside is a battery (SR927W). (Different Fossil watches take different sized batteries.)

The very best choice for getting rid of a threaded case back is to utilize a “case back removal tool”, which includes 2 or 3 changeable “pins” attached to a manage (most WalMarts offer a two-pin device in their jewelry department, and you could buy a much better three-pin tool from a number of suppliers on eBay). To utilize it, begin by placing the watch face-down on a padded surface (to avoid scratching the crystal). Adjust the pins so that they very comfortably suit the notches cut into the case back; if you do not, the pins could leap out when you try to utilize it and scratch the watch. Place the tool over the case back and engage the pins into the slots; then, holding the watch constant with one hand and the device in the other, offer the device a counterclockwise turn to loosen the back (it might take a great deal of force to do this, particularly if this is the first time the battery is being changed). As soon as the case back is loosened (generally about 1/4 to 1/2 turn), get rid of the device and finish unscrewing the back by hand to avoid scraping the watch. Beware as you eliminate it as some watches use a very thin O-ring on the back to make a watertight seal.

After changing the battery and making sure the watch is running properly once again, thoroughly check the area of the case and the threading on the case back and remove any sort of dust or filthy deposits with a soft fabric. Then, put the case back onto the case, bewaring to straighten the O-ring or various other seals, along with the case back threads (idea: to ensure the threads are lined up, place the back on the watch and turn it counterclockwise about 1/2 turn or until you feel the ends of the threads “fall” into spot). Screw the case back down as far as feasible by hand, then make use of the removal device to tighten it the rest of the way.

I have a fossil watch with a square back and I simply changed the battery. I just recently acquired a battery changing kit from eBay for about $ 15 dollars and it paid for itself the exact same day. My watch back is not threaded, but it is snapped in place. It has four notches protruding from the case that you need to tear off that stick into the case of the watch. The device kit I acquired has a tool that has a rounded knife end with a thick body to hold. I put this tool into the top of the watch back, right underneath the bands, ensuring that I was in the groove. I attempted my best to pry it off however I couldn’t. So I placed the device in that spot, and hammered it, and the back came off. I had the ability to alter the battery and snap the back into place. I’m now using that watch as I kind.

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