Fossil watches have an easy to open case back. You would want to open the case if you need to change the battery. All Fossil watches are quartz, implying they are powered by a battery. You require an unique watch opener tool to open the case back if you want to lower the risk of scraping the case, otherwise you can make use of multi-purpose tool to open the case.

Numerous watch owners will certainly have to understand the best ways to open a Fossil watch at some point. Fossil watches are extremely well crafted and could last for lots of years without issues, there may come a time where you will want to change the battery yourself or cleanse out the within. Luckily, it is really simple to open a Fossil watch. A watch opener knife is the very best tool to get the task done without triggering any type of damage to the watch, however you could additionally utilize a flat head screwdriver as long as you take care not to scratch the watch with it.

To open a Fossil watch, you will certainly require:

  • a Fossil watch
  • a watch opener knife or flat head screwdriver

Insert the watch case opener knife into the slit where the case back satisfies the case. If you do not wish to buy a watch case opener knife, you could possibly utilize a tiny screwdriver to open the case, but be careful not to scrape the case with the screwdriver.

Very carefully relocate the knife up and down to loosen the back of the case. Press down on the deal with of the knife with force to pop the back of the case up.

Eliminate the rubber gasket from around the inside of the watch case. The rubber gasket guarantees the case is water resistant. It is very important to replace this gasket effectively when you close the case.

If you get rid of any sort of part from inside the watch, make certain to put every little thing back precisely where it was or the watch will not work properly. It could be valuable to take images after you open a Fossil watch, in case you forget where everything was.

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